Bungie Should Release 'Destiny 2: Year One' As Its Own Standalone Game

Bungie Should Release ‘Destiny 2: Year One’ As Its Own Standalone Game

Ok, I have a ridiculous idea, but given that we’re in a ridiculous situation with Destiny 2, it seems somewhat appropriate.

To set the stage, Destiny 2 has spent the past two years “backing up content” or “turning off” some of its older content. What has been cut so far has been:

  • Destiny 2’s vanilla Red War story campaign (and planets Titan and Io)
  • Curse of Osiris DLC (and its planet, Mercury)
  • DLC Warmind (and its planet, Mars)
  • The story of Forsaken Expansion (and one of its zones, The Tangled Shore).
  • Previously Free Seasonal Content, Seasons of the Forge, Drifter, and Opulence

And of course all the other seasonal content since Shadowkeep, but I have to draw a line somewhere, and that’s it. My idea is that Bungie should take everything I just mentioned above, bundle it up, and release it as Destiny 2: Year One, disconnected from the current “live” version of Destiny 2.

My guess here, to try and keep it a bit simple, is that it would be a standalone offering. New characters, and nothing is carried over into the current live version of Destiny 2. So why? Why do this?

A few reasons:

  • I fundamentally believe that if you’ve paid for content, you shouldn’t have that content removed to be playable. I know the technical reasons why the Destiny 2 Content Vault exists, and yet I still maintain that it is bad practice. Bungie agrees that’s not ideal and said there won’t be any more expansions from now on, but that won’t bring back what’s gone. And there’s no indication that it will return in any way other than temporarily, like the Haunted Leviathan (which itself will be reactivated when the seasonal content drops after this year). Everything here, including Forsaken briefly, was free before it was vaulted. You could release it for free in this standalone format as a way to onboard players into the Destiny universe, or charge a small fee for new players. But players who had already purchased the vanilla or Forsaken game would get it for free anyway. It’s basically giving back what they’ve already bought.
  • Secondly, I think a clean campaign from start to finish that’s mostly Red War, two DLCs, and Forsaken as an introduction to Destiny 2’s “live” Light and Dark saga would help the series in its together, as literally the only way to catch up on Destiny 2’s original story now is through YouTube videos, which is kind of an absurd situation to be in.
  • Third, some of Destiny 2’s best content is here and shouldn’t be banished to the Corridors of Time. This would mark the return of all-time great missions like Whisper and Zero Hour (hopefully one day Presage can return to experience Destiny 2 itself). That’s a ton of work Bungie has put into all of this content and it deserves to exist and be playable… somewhere. And it seems pretty clear that most will never return to live play.
  • Finally, as a standalone optional game, this solves at least one of Bungie’s issues with Destiny 2 taking up too much hard drive space. I know some people have suggested a toggle where parts of the game could be installed or uninstalled at any time, but while that’s fine in theory, in practice I’m afraid it’s too complicated, and most of the issues Bungie’s initial content overload would remain.

It’s a complicated idea, certainly. Would there be enough population to sustain things like an old strike playlist, menagerie and forges, or old raids? Or what is the “point” of grinding material when a standalone game like this has a fixed endpoint?

And yet, I just can’t help but think that:

  • Players who have purchased this content deserve to retain access to it.
  • New players would benefit from much of this older content, both in terms of story and gameplay.
  • Bungie’s hard work on all of this content deserves to live on in some form, rather than being erased from existence.

That’s why I came up with this idea.

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