TigerIllustrated - Swinney on Opening, Performance Notes, Furman Prep

TigerIllustrated – Swinney on Opening, Performance Notes, Furman Prep

CLEMSON | Tuesday night, Clemson’s head football coach Dabo Swinney spoke to members of the media on a zoom conference call after his team’s evening practice and of course a day after the Tigers beat Georgia Tech 41-10 in Atlanta.

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In light of the shortened week before Saturday’s 3:30 p.m. game with Furman, there will be no official press conference with Swinney this week.

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The following is an abbreviated transcript of Tuesday evening’s conference call.

OPENING STATEMENTS“Today felt like a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday all rolled into one. I’m grateful that we put a few days (on Furman) into camp.

“Last night we weren’t perfect. We scored 14 points over these guys last year at home so we got better as the game went on last night. I’m so proud of them We definitely have to keep improving.” We bounced back here tonight and did a good job. We just have a few days of preparation before Furman.

“The players of the game were Jordan McFadden and Davis Allen on offense, Barrett Carter and KJ Henry on defense and Carson DonnellyWade Woodaz and Aidan Swanson on the special teams.

“Finally, I want to offer my condolences to by Fred Hoover family. I know he was 93, but he’s just one of those guys you think would live forever. What a Clemson legend he is, such a great human being. I’m in my 20th season here so I’ve known him for a long time. He is so respected and loved. We will miss him. Doc… I hope you rest in peace.”

Q: On the injury side, did you come out of last night well?

SWINNEY: “Just typical game stuff. I don’t see anyone coming out right now. A few guys bumped but nothing serious.”

Q: Curious to know your opinion on the performance of Blake Miller, his first tenure?

SWINNEY: “He did well. He looked like a freshman at times. A little disappointed with some fundamental things last night. Next thing you know you’re going out of your technique. Definitely some work to do. It’s a real freshman. He’ll get better. He’s got everything he needs.

Q: Did Zaire Patterson travel?

SWINNEY: “He does not have.”

Q: Is it in order?

SWINNEY: “Yeah.”

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Q: Bryan Bresee flew last night and seems to have overcome his injury (ACL). How did he score?

SWINNEY: “Good. He did a lot of good things and was disruptive. We missed way too many tackles, so he left some there. He was fun to watch. I was delighted to see Tre’ Williams come in and be explosive. He missed a lot of training time. I was happy with what I saw but I also know we have a lot to correct. Everything we saw was correctable.”

Q: How do you get these guys locked in Furman in record time?

SWINNEY“We don’t treat this game any differently than any other. We play at Clemson every week. I know some people say it’s coaching language, but it’s not. If you prepare differently this week you will never be consistent. We prepare to a standard, not an opponent, kick off time or weather. None of these things should impact your will to win and your preparation “That’s been driving this program for a long time. We have to show up and be ready to play.”

Q: A good weekend for the ACC. Your thoughts on a good presentation by the conference early? You have always praised your conference.

SWINNEY“This league has been in the playoffs as much as anyone and we’ve competed. We won it. Florida State won it. It’s good to see teams having big wins. Honestly, though, my target is Clemson. We have a tough job ahead and respect for every opponent we face. We just want to be 2-0 after this weekend.”

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Q: Kevin Swint had time in the first half. How has he progressed in the last few months… of camp?

SWINNEY“He’s just a good player, good instincts. We saw him coming last fall and he wore him in the spring. He’s someone we trust. I’m glad that he had the chance to come in. We need him this year. We have guys who won’t be there next year, so it’s important for his development.”

Q: What stood out to you watching your corners last night?

SWINNEY: “We have three starters and they all did good things and bad things last night. We dropped a pick six and had too many missed tackles. We had technical things that we can clean up. I think “They did a good job. They averaged 4.5 yards per catch. They were 2 of 16 on third down, so our guys did a good job. Those front three are where it starts for us right now. (Fred Davis, Nate Wiggins, Sheridan Jones)

Q: With Wade already playing in the opener, have you decided that he won’t be redshirted?

SWINNEY“He’s going to play. He’s definitely going to play. That’s why we started him. He’s definitely a guy we need. We’ve had TJ Dudley, Cole Turner and Keith Adams over my head. Other than that, we played a bunch of guys who traveled with us.”

Q: You like to say that there is nothing less important than the half-time score, but you won 60 in a row by leading at half-time.

SWINNEY“I didn’t know that stat. It’s a good one. I think it’s the fact that it’s a four-quarter game. What I’m most proud of is that we’re 119-2 when we have a lead going into the fourth quarter. To me, that’s a reflection of what your program is all about and being able to finish. We had a lot of close games that we had to win as well.

“We got better as the game went on last night. We settled in and took control in the second quarter. It was great fun watching us improve and get stronger. Hopefully it’s a good sign of the composition of this team.”

Q: Did they do anything special to kidnap Joe Ngata?

SWINNEY: “No. He had a take. He will have plenty of chances. He played hard and tough and did some good things blocking on the perimeter.”

Q: Did Putnam get a few bad shots but overall, how did he rate after reviewing the film?

SWINNEYOne was on the floor and the other DJ needs to do it again. There’s a reason the NFL has a preseason. We’re the only level of football that doesn’t. It’s hard to fake that level of intensity in practice. We only have two scrums now (in camp). Putnam had a great camp and had a solid game for us. A good first start for sure.

Q: Are the missed tackles partly the result of the lack of scrums you had in camp?

SWINNEY: “There’s no doubt about it. It’s as simple as that. A lot of these things show up in all these preseason games that you see in the NFL and you have to play there. When you have scrimmages, you rep three guys and it all shows up. The speed of the game is real and the next thing you know your technique isn’t as good as it should be. We had a margin of error in this game last night. We will have several games where there will be one, two or three games, so we have to clean things up on both sides of the ball and be special in the special teams.”

Q: Cade seemed genuinely enthusiastic in the short time he spent on the court last night.

SWINNEY: It’s just who he is. He’s like that every day. He has a lot of energy. He likes to play and compete. He is super talented. It was great to see him have this opportunity. We’re going to build from there and move forward.”

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